About Talstar Chemicals

Who Are We

Talstar Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is a brain child of Charles and Lucia Nyausaru. It was originally formed in 2014 with a vision of buying and selling chemicals. Due to the knowledge gained in the market and experience that one of the directors have in the manufacturing of chemicals, we decided to start manufacturing our own chemicals in order to have control on the quality of our products . At the present moment we are focusing on a small range of chemicals, with a plan to increase the range in the near future. This is to ensure that we manufacture the best quality at affordable prices. Our motto is “Our quality, our delight”, as we pride ourselves in the quality of our products.

Vision Statement

To be the most quality conscious company in Southern Africa.

Mission Statement

To continuously improve the quality of our products in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Brand Values

Our values are all aligned to the value of quality. The values are Quality, Shrewdness, Teamwork, Agility and Respect. The acronym Q-STAR is used for the values

Quality – Our business model is based on the quality of products we supply. We are committed to provide the premium quality to all customers.

Shrewdness – Because of the industry we operate in, we need to show high business acumen in order to outwit competition in producing the best quality.

Teamwork – We value our team and having a great team ensures that we manufacture the best quality products. The company encourages teamwork at all times. The motto is Together Each Achieves More (Team).

Agility – The economic environment we operate in requires us to be agile, continuously improving and changing with the times. This ensures that the quality is always top notch.

Respect – The company expects respect all round regardless of job title or position. This respect is also transmitted to all our external stakeholders. We show respect to our customers by supplying them with quality products and we offer them the best service they deserve.